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Privacy Policy and General Conditions of Use

In accordance with article 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we provide you with the following information: Iguana Bus SL has registered offices at Calle Diputació 180, 9B, Barcelona 08011 Spain, with CIF B66940834. Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, ​​Vol.37017546, Folio 295/2017, Sheet 2576, Registration 1256.

Service Description

Through the websites of Iguana Bus SL (hereafter “IB”), the User is offered access to information about coach, bus, minibus and taxi services with driver and is allowed the opportunity to contract some of said services on its websites. The User’s registration is not required for navigation and access to certain information. However, the User’s registration is required for the online contracting of services requested by the User and offered by IB, for which it will be necessary to complete the relevant form. All services and rates information detailed on the IB websites is provided by third party Service Providers, for which IB assumes no responsibility or liability. IB’s liability is limited to its legal obligations as a reservation platform and all other liabilities are expressly excluded.

Reservation, Payment, Amendment & Cancellation

The User is invited to enter trip information into the Intelligent Pricing Engine in order to obtain a price. The User is offered two payment options in order to confirm the reservation at the stated price.

Option One – Deposit

The User has the option to pay for 10% of the User’s trip through IB’s websites in order to confirm the User’s reservation. Upon agreeing to the terms, a credit authorization will be effected on the User’s debit or credit card equal to the cost of 10% of the trip, and within 5 working days of the authorization. IB will send to the User a confirmation of the details of the trip and the contact details of the Service Provider selected to deliver the trip. It is the responsibility of the User to pay the remaining sum of the reservation fee directly to the Service Provider.

Option Two – Full Payment

The User has the option to pay for 100% of the User’s trip through IB in order to confirm the User’s reservation. Upon agreeing to the terms, a credit authorization will be effected on the User’s debit or credit card equal to the cost of 100% of the trip, and within 5 working days of the authorization. IB will send to the User a confirmation of the details of the trip and the contact details of the Service Provider selected to deliver the trip.

Amendment & Cancellation

Upon receiving correspondence related to the User’s order from the Service Provider selected by IB, IB excludes all liability for the service other than ensuring that the service agreed at the price offered to the User, as agreed between IB and the given Service Provider, is upheld.

Notwithstanding the above, IB shall provide all reasonable assistance to the User in order to facilitate the successful delivery of the User’s order.

Notwithstanding any confirmed reservation, IB reserves the right, at any time, to change the agreed price and/or change or cancel any agreed order, where a change is necessary for reasons of internal or external miscommunication, changed availability, technical malfunction, price fluctuation or any other prohibitive condition or circumstance beyond its control. In the event of a change in the price of any order, neither IB nor any of its Service Providers or associates shall be under any obligation to fulfil the order until any difference between the prior agreed price and the amended price has been paid by the User to IB.

In the event of an amendment to an order by the User, any price change agreed over 48h before the User’s trip shall be reflected in the payment taken by IB from the User’s payment card via credit authorization. Within the 48h window preceding the User’s trip, IB excludes all and any liability to amend the trip or, where an amendment is possible, contribute any compensation or reimbursement in relation to any User order in cases where the price has increased or decreased. Any amendment to an order must be confirmed more than 48 hours before the scheduled time of departure of the User’s trip. If the amendment is made less than 48 hours before the scheduled time of departure, IB cannot guarantee that the amendment will be made and/or any refund, whether partial or in full can be provided. IB reserves the right to impose an administration charge with each amendment
In the event of a cancellation of the order by the User, the User shall be eligible for a refund of any money paid to IB if the cancellation is confirmed more than 48 hours before the scheduled time of departure of the User’s trip. If the cancellation is made less 48 hours before the scheduled time of departure of the User’s trip, IB cannot guarantee that the amendment can be made and/or any refund, whether partial or in full, can be provided.

User Obligations

In using IB’s services, the User agrees to comply with these general conditions, as well as to comply with the instructions for use contained in such conditions or the IB websites. The User agrees to always act in accordance with the law, to act in good faith, to use due diligence, and to refrain from using the IB websites in any way that could prevent, damage or deteriorate the normal operation of the IB websites and that of IB’s assets or rights, its reservation center, its suppliers, fellow Users, or of any third party in general.

The User agrees to make lawful use of the products and services made available through the IB websites, without contravening current legislation or infringing the rights and interests of third parties.

The User declares that he/she is of legal age and has the necessary legal capacity to contract the services offered by IB, partners of IB, and any third party associated with IB.

The User also declares that he/she is aware of the binding nature of, and understands and accepts in full, the conditions set forth herein in relation to the use of any of IB’s websites and services therein.
IB and its services may only be contracted by those Users with legal capacity to comply with the aforementioned conditions.

The User agrees to comply with and be subject to the conditions set out by the Service Provider and understands that any infringement of such conditions shall render any order void and non-refundable.

The User is liable for providing the correct contact and address information required for the correct fulfilment of the User’s order. In the event that any incorrect information is provided, the User’s order shall be liable to be declared void and non-refundable.

The User is liable for being at the agreed location at the agreed time, otherwise the User’s order shall be liable to be declared void and non-refundable.

The User agrees to use the services and contents on IB’s websites in accordance with the law and the general and specific terms and conditions of the services stipulated by IB at any time. In addition, the User must refrain from using said services or contents to:

  1. Transmit the User’s username and password to unauthorized third parties. Any access by a non-authorized User must be communicated immediately to IB
  2. Introduce data programs in the network that could cause damage to the computer systems of IB, its suppliers or third-party Users of the internal network or the website iguanabus.com
  3. Perform illicit activities, contrary to good faith, customs, morals or public order
  4. Carry out activities that constitute a breach of any intellectual and industrial property regulation, or any other rule of the applicable legal system
  5. Duplicate, sell or copy any website content without prior consent;
  6. Disseminate contents of a racist, xenophobic or pornographic nature; to pursue goals of terrorism or any contravention of human rights.


IB confirms that, through its websites, the recipients of its service, its suppliers and any Competent Body, are allowed complimentary electronic access to the following information:

  1. The information they supplied to IB, such as its name or corporate name, its residence or address, its email address and any other information that facilitates direct and effective communication with it; the data of its registration in the commercial registry; the relevant tax identification number
  2. Information about the price of the product or service, indicating whether or not it includes taxes applicable

Personal Information

Upon completion and submission of the subscription form by the User, IB shall send the User an email accepting and validating such form, which shall act as the acknowledgement of receipt.

IB is not responsible for the misuse of the data provided by the User when booking or contracting products or services on any of its websites.

The User declares that all information provided at the time of registration is true, complete and accurate, and that in accordance with the Law 15/1999 regarding Personal Data Protection, the person who duly fills in the form with the User’s data expressly authorizes IB to proceed to include in an automated file the personal data entered into the fields of the form.

In the event that the User wishes to express their rights of opposition, rectification or cancellation, the User should write to the IB headquarters (Calle Diputació 180, 9B, Barcelona 08011, Spain), or write to us at contact@iguanabus.com.

IB brings to the User’s attention that, independently of any of personal data obtained on the User contracting IB’s services, IB obtains and saves the following information:

  1. The number of visitors to its websites
  2. The domain name of the network service provider that gives the User access to the network
  3. The date and time of access to its websites
  4. The internet address of the page where the link directing the user to our website is found

Limitation of Liability

IB is subject to civil, criminal and administrative liability as put forth by the legal system, without prejudice to the provisions of the law regarding information services and electronic commerce. Certain information included in IB’s websites has been provided by the providers of the services offered on such websites. IB is not liable for the accuracy or misprinting of said information.

IB is not responsible for links to other websites over which it has no control. IB is not responsible for the technical availability of web pages that the User accesses through any IB websites. The User assumes sole responsibility for any damages or losses that may arise from accessing said contents, as well as any damage or harm caused to the User’s computer system, or loss of the User’s data, due to any material downloaded from IB’s websites or by any means obtained through the use of IB’s services.

IB is not responsible for any damages or losses arising from any infraction by any User that affects the rights of another User, or those of third parties, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, confidential information and any other intellectual and industrial property rights.

IB is not responsible for any damages or losses caused to the User in the event that the provision of services is rendered impossible in cases of force majeure, unforeseen or unforeseeable circumstances, or any other cause not attributable to IB. Nor will IB be responsible for any inadequacy of the service level due to maintenance work, or due to the incorrect configuration or use of the User's computer equipment, or due to any inability of said system to support the computer systems necessary for the correct use of the services offered.

IB is not responsible for any case of misrepresentation by any of its service providers.

IB is authorized to temporarily suspend, without prior notice, access to any of its websites due to reasons of maintenance, repair, updating, upgrading, or improvement. IB is not responsible for any damages or losses caused by the providers of any contracted service, their employees, partners and associates, or any action by any of said parties. Any dispute arising from any damages or losses is to be pursued by the User. Notwithstanding the above, IB is committed to provide the necessary assistance to the User in order to expedite a claim against the perceived aggrieving party.


IB, by its own accord or by that of a third party contracted for the provision of services, may use cookies when the User browses any IB website. Cookies are files sent to the browser through a web service in order to record a User’s activities during any browsing time. The cookies used are only associated with an anonymous user and his computer and do not provide the personal data of the User. Through the use of cookies it is possible that the servers where any IB website is hosted may recognize the web browser used by the User in order to make navigation easier. Cookies are also used to obtain audience and traffic metrics, to control the process and determine the number of entries. The User has the possibility to configure the User’s browser to be warned of the reception of cookies and to prevent their installation in the User’s equipment. Please refer to your browser's instructions and manuals for further information.

Links from IB’s websites

A User that registers, consults, reserves, buys or acquires vehicle rental, reservation of seats on regular lines, or other services through links to third parties on IB’s websites, will not be expressly informed that the User is browsing on a third party web page, even if the visual page being accessed by the User is similar or almost identical to that of any of IB’s websites. From that moment, the User will be in direct contact with the other website, and will consult, reserve, purchase, rent, acquire, etc. only with the corresponding website, to whom the User will deliver any personal data required for the execution of any operations the User may request, entering their data in accordance with the privacy policy of the other website, which is in no way linked or intentionally similar to that of IB.


Any part of any of IB’s websites can host advertising content or be sponsored. Advertisers and sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the material submitted for inclusion on IB’s websites complies with the laws that may apply in each case of submission. IB will not be responsible for any error, inaccuracy, omission or irregularity in any advertising content or any material or information provided by sponsors.

Changes to the Conditions of Use

IB reserves the right to modify, develop, or update, at any time and without prior notice, the conditions of use of this website. The User will be automatically bound by the conditions of use that are in force at the time the User accesses the Web, so the User should read periodically said conditions of use.

Intellectual Property

All content, elements and information that the User can access through the services offered by IB, (including text, images, brands, designs, software, etc ..) is owned by IB or its service providers, and are subject to the rights of industrial and intellectual property, patents, trademarks and copyright of IG or third party holders thereof. The access to said contents, elements or information does not grant the user the right to alter, modify, profit from or copy, distribute, publicly communicate or any other right exclusive to the owner. The User agrees to use the contents, elements and/or information accessed through the services offered by IB for the User’s own use and needs, and in no case put any of the aforementioned to direct or indirect commercial use without prior consent.

Personal Data Protection Law

In compliance with the existing legal regulations regarding Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, and those set forth in Law 34/2002 LSSICE, IB guarantees to use any and all personal data not only legally but also in good faith, as well as provide an adequate system to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition provided in the aforementioned Law. In particular, Users are informed that any personal data they provide will be included in a file owned by IB, with the purpose of correctly managing the relationship between the User and IB, as well as to inform the User of new services, both by written means as well as electronic. Any User can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending an e-mail to contact@iguanabus.com.


These General Conditions of Use, as well as the existing relationship between IB and the User with respect thereto, will be governed by current Spanish legislation. For a dispute of any nature arising from the use of the services offered or the content of any of the IB websites, with the acceptance of these conditions, the parties agree shall be expressly subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona, Spain.